Case study

Václav Havel Airport Prague

We won a massive contract in 2018 in cooperation with CertiConVis distributor Intego and system integrator ABBAS, when our system was chosen to increase safety and security at Václav Havel Airport in Prague-Ruzyně.

Applied functions of the system

  • The CertiConVis system takes airport security possibilities to the highest possible level, a fact appreciated by carriers and airport staff, and, of course, passengers.

    As part of the contract, CertiConVis was integrated into the current Genetec camera system, comprising 1,600 security cameras throughout the airport complex. CertiConVis now analyses images from 150 cameras at once. All the video analytical functions needed to maintain maximum airport security are used. For example, an alarm is triggered when there is movement in the wrong direction of a one-way area, when people are seen moving in an area reserved for vehicles, when vehicles exit the supply tunnel, when a breach of the perimeters is detected, when left luggage is detected, or when people appear at personnel entrances and entrances to strategic rooms.