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CertiConVis: the future of computer vision

CertiConVis (abbreviated to CCV) is software that has been designed to analyse images from cameras or videos. Over several years of development, our experts gradually created a cutting-edge product that now effectively streamlines processes in many segments.

Define the objects and the behaviour that you want to monitor with camera systems and let the system work entirely on its own. As soon as a predefined situation occurs in the scene under observation, such as a vehicle turning the wrong way down a one-way street or a person entering a prohibited zone without authorisation, CertiConVis automatically alerts the user to the situation.

Objects and their behaviour, entry zones, directions of movement, and more can all be defined in advance. Analysis can be done in real time or from recorded footage. In the latter case, CertiConVis automatically, retrospectively displays all moments defined by the user during the selected time period. This is what is known as forensic analysis.

The advantage of automatically recording situations is the almost zero error rate and the fact that it is not demanding on time: there is no need to monitor hours of footage and pick out the required situations “by hand”.

CertiConVis is taking the use of camera systems to a whole new level all around the world. Define objects and how they behave in the monitored scene and let the system do the work for you.

Functions of the CertiConVis system

We will teach your cameras to automatically detect

and many other situations.